About Me


Welcome and thank you so much for visiting! My name is Kristine and I’d like to share a little about myself.

I am a self-taught graphic designer. It’s taken me a long time to finally actually call myself that. I’ve had a limiting belief that says unless I’ve had professional training I can’t label myself. Recently I realized how bogus that thought is. So here I am. A self-proclaimed graphic designer.

My intention is to create, share and maybe even inspire others to follow their own passions. I love patterns, typography, fonts, colors and pretty much anything to do with expressing myself through graphic design. I grew up in a family business where we supplied promotional products and my love for graphic design began there.

I’ve partnered up with a printing company called Printful so I can offer my designs on fun products such as Throw Pillows, Posters, Mugs and Tote Bags. They are based in Los Angeles. I am really drawn to their service as they exude the same qualities I’d like to in my own business. Following their passion, product quality as well as efficient and friendly customer relations are their top priorities and I completely resonate with that.

I’m a big believer in Law of Attraction and am learning to flow my energy in the direction of what I want. I want my customers to feel the essence of my passion and love for what I do in the products they buy. When you purchase a Throw Pillow, not only do I want you to love how it looks on your sofa or bed, I want you to feel the passionate energy that created it. And if the energy talk is not your thing, no worries, just ignore that part. I basically just want you to love what you’re getting!

I live in Kamloops, BC, Canada with my husband and my 3 amazing kids (I know everyone says that but it’s true). And yep, that’s Beautiful British Columbia! Our kids are unschooled and we enjoy a lifestyle that is based around personal freedom and following our passions.

I hope you enjoy my products and prints as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

Much love,